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Car donation deadline
If you are looking to donate a vehicle or boat and would like to claim a tax deduction for 2008, the donation deadline is midnight, December 31st, 2008. If you donate via phone or by using our online form, so long as your donation submission is made before the clock strikes midnight and choruses of...
happy car donor in palo alto
I've just downloaded and printed my receipt. Thank you. Your program has been immensely efficient. Best of wishes to all your projects. -Mrs S. in Palo Alto
Thanks for the quick turn around....we really appreciate it. K. M.
Above and Beyond
You have more than met my expectations. From T.D. in Katy, Texas
Happy to be Supporting Our Cause
Thank you...I am glad I could be a part of your charitable mission. N.M. in Garden City, NY
The car is being picked up tomorrow, thank you. From: B.T. in MA
Another Satisfied Car Donor in Minnesota
Thank you! Your cause is fantastic and I will definitely be recommending you to my acquaintances.  S. A. in Sauk Rapids, MN
Another Tax Deadline Whooshes Past...
We at Donate A Car 2 Charity hope you were able to get your 2007 taxes filed on time (April 17th). If you are planning to claim a deduction for the 2008 fiscal year on a vehicle or boat you are planning to donate, you must donate the vehicle/boat before midnight December 31st 2008....
Paperwork delivered
My receipt came through and I am printing it now. Thank you very much. Have a great weekend!  -Mr. A. 
After receiving their 1098-C tax form for their car donation: "I do business dealings all the time, and I just wanted to say that seldom have I seen such attention given to business detail as you have given to this." -Mr. S. in Palo Alto, CA