Get a Free Hotel Voucher
When You Donate Your Car


This complimentary voucher entitles you and a companion (plus 2 children) to enjoy 3 fun-filled days and 2 exciting evenings of deluxe hotel accommodations at one of the following vacation destinations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Who's Eligible to Receive a Vacation Voucher?

A: Anyone who donates their vehicle has the option of receiving a complementary vacation voucher! Just let us know that you would like a voucher when you sign up to donate your vehicle!

Q: Does receiving the voucher affect my tax deduction?

A:  We provide the paperwork for a tax deduction for every vehicle donated; however, a lot of people don't benefit from this because they don't claim deductions on their taxes. Our charity still wanted a way to say "Thank You!" to everyone who donates, so we decided to provide the option of receiving a complementary vacation voucher! The IRS requires that if you opt to receive the vacation voucher you will need to deduct the fair market value of the voucher ($100) from the value of your tax deduction. If you don't want to receive a vacation voucher, then you can claim the full value listed on the tax deduction receipt we provide after you donate!

Q: Does it cost me anything?

A: We send you the vacation voucher free of cost, but in order to book your hotel stay, the hotel will require a $50 deposit. This deposit is refundable after your hotel stay is over!  

Q: Is there someone I can call to get more information about the voucher?

A: The Vacation Vouchers are provided by a third party, so we request that you contact the "Getaway to Paradise" company for additional information:

Phone:  813-569-6817


It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 to claim your Free Vacation Voucher:

  1. Donate your vehicle either online or by phone.
  2. Let us know that you'd like to receive the complementary Vacation Voucher.
  3. You choose your destination from the following great vacation spots!

Arizona - Mesa

Arizona - Tucson

California - San Diego

Florida - Daytona Beach

Florida - Orlando

Maine - Portland

Massachusetts - Cape Cod

Nevada - Las Vegas

New York - Buffalo

Ohio - Port Clinton

S. Carolina - Hilton Head

Tennessee - Pigeon Forge

Vermont - Killington

Virginia - Williamsburg

Arizona - Phoenix

California - Anaheim

California - Palm Springs

Florida - Fort Lauderdale

Florida - St. Petersburg

Maine - Ogunquit

Michigan - Boyne Falls

New Hampshire - Francistown

N. Carolina - Atlantic Beach

Pennsylvania - Pocono Mtns

S. Carolina - Myrtle Beach

Texas - New Ulm

Virginia - Shenandoah Valley

Wisconsin - Wisconsin Dells

Arizona - Sedona

California - Lake Tahoe

Florida - Cocoa Beach

Florida - Miami

Missouri - Branson

Maryland - Ocean City

Minnesota - Breezy Point

New Hampshire - Lincoln

N. Carolina - Kitty Hawk

S. Carolina - Charleston

S. Carolina - Murrell's Inlet

Texas - San Antonio

Virginia - Virginia Beach

Utah - Park City



Making a Difference

Your vehicle donation to Donate a Car 2 Charity supports the mission and projects of Activated Ministries' projects. One of our favorite programs here at Activated Ministries is our "In Recognition of Service" scholarship program which provides scholarships to the children of long time volunteers or missionaries. Each scholarship is made possible by cars you donate to our Donate a Car 2 Charity program. Thank you for helping us enable these incredible young people get a post secondary education.  Call today to make arrangements for quick, no cost and hassle free pickup.

We Don’t Use a Middleman

By keeping our process in house, Donate a Car 2 Charity cuts out the extra costs often incurred by other charities. This means 100% of the proceeds from your vehicle donation go to support Acxtivated Ministries and its programs.  Activated Ministries is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit and your vehicle donation is full tax deductible.